Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometer stretch of coast south of the Sorrentine Peninsula, in the Campania region. A popular holiday destination, it is characterized by steep cliffs and a rugged coastline dotted with small beaches and pastel-colored fishing villages. The coastal road between the port city of Salerno and the rocky ridge of Sorrento winds through sumptuous villas, terraced vineyards and lemon groves overlooking the sea.


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Amalfi is an Italian town of 5.173 inhabitants in the province of Salerno in Campania. Amalfi and its coast are now proposed as a place of incomparable natural beauty, rich in history and traditions as well as in structures and modern comforts, where you can spend a relaxing and at the same time full of emotions holiday. Its foundation


Atrani is a town of 922 inhabitants in the province of Salerno. With its 0,20 km², Atrani is the smallest town in Southern Italy by territorial extension and second nationally after Fiera di Primiero. The church of Santa Maria Maddalena, dating back to the XNUMXth century, has been retouched several times over the centuries,


Cetara is a town of 2.361 inhabitants in the province of Salerno and is part of the Amalfi Coast. A picturesque seaside village on the Amalfi Coast, Cetara rises at the foot of Mount Falerio and, stretching out in a deep valley flanked by vineyards and citrus groves, opens up almost like a fan on the narrow flat strip at sea level. Already

Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini is a town of 743 inhabitants in the province of Salerno, part of the territory of the Amalfi Coast. It owes its name to the specific geographic conformation in the shape of a basin, with the addition of the name of the Marini to emphasize the proximity to the sea and the ancient role played by the sailors who once lived there


It is famous for its fjord, a narrow stretch of water located at the mouth of a valley overhanging the sea, and welcoming a tiny seaside village that was inhabited, among others, by Roberto Rossellini (who shot the film L'Amore) and by Anna Magnani, who was then romantically linked to the director and who was the interpreter of


  Maiori is a town of 5.745 inhabitants in the province of Salerno, located on the Gulf of Salerno halfway between Amalfi and Salerno. Unesco World Heritage Site Since 1996, Unesco has declared Maiori, together with the Amalfi Coast, a World Heritage Site. The origins of the city date back to the Etruscan period. Since the second post-war period Maiori has registered a


Minori is a town of 2.871 inhabitants in the province of Salerno, on the Amalfi Coast. Unesco World Heritage Site. Minori, together with the whole coast, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Minori was originally a small fishing village, but in the twentieth century a considerable urbanization - combined with tourism - made Minori


Positano is a town of 3.862 inhabitants in the province of Salerno, geographically belonging to the Amalfi Coast. Thanks to the mild climate and the beauty of the landscape, Positano has been a holiday resort since the time of the Roman Empire, as evidenced by the discovery of a villa and other very recent findings, dating back to 2004. Typical are the many "stairways"


Praiano is a picturesque town located between the town of Positano and the town of Conca dei Marini. Wrongly little known compared to the most renowned centers of the Amalfi Coast, this town can boast a long tourist tradition dating back to the period of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi when the Amalfi doges chose Praiano as their summer residence. The structure of the country follows a pattern


Ravello is a town of 2.489 inhabitants in the province of Salerno, a village on the Amalfi Coast. It is located on a small plateau overlooking Maiori and Minori and enjoys a famous panoramic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Salerno. About half of its tourists are British and American, attracted to yours


Scala is a town of 1.498 inhabitants in the province of Salerno, part of the Amalfi Coast. A hill about 400 meters above the sea is the rocky site on which the town of Scala was built, with clear strategic intent. According to an ancient chronicle, it was founded in the fourth century by Roman shipwrecks headed for


Thirteen villages with as many parishes, scattered over unequal floors, make up the territory of Tramonti; the place takes its name from its morphological configuration, “intra montes ubertas”, or land between the mountains. The origins of the town are not certain. According to the historian Camera, “history has changed around the first inhabitants of Tramonti, even if

Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare is a town of 8.478 inhabitants in the province of Salerno. It is located in front of the northern entrance of the city of Salerno, at the beginning of the Amalfi coast. The center of the town of Vietri extends hilly close to the coast, and on the slopes of it extends the area of ​​Marina di Vietri, a district that directly overlooks

If you are organizing one holiday on the Amalfi coast, do not forget to also discover the wonders of the whole Sorrento peninsula!