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Taste the specialties and traditional dishes. Here you will find a list of recommended locations to enjoy all the local delicacies to the fullest!

where to eat on the Amalfi coast

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Valle dei Mulini restaurant

VIA VECCHIA 5, POSITANO (SA) - T. +39 089 875232 Surrounded by greenery and close to the descent leading to the beaches, the "Valle dei Mulini" restaurant offers tasty seafood specialties, typical products and delicious dishes; the outdoor area and the illuminated indoor room are splendid, surrounded by a familiar atmosphere is certainly the place

La Caravella restaurant

VIA MATTEO CAMERA 12, Amalfi (SA) - T. +39 089 871 029 - info@ristorantelacaravella.it "La Caravella" in Amalfi was founded in 1959 and is one of the most important and renowned restaurants in Southern Italy. Italian already in the sixties, when he was the first in Southern Italy to receive the Star from

ReFood restaurant

VIA PADRE REGINALDO GIULIANI 30, SORRENTO (NA) - T. +39 081 878 14 80 - info@refoods.it The ReFood Restaurant, located in the heart of Sorrento, a city that offers worldwide pride for its beauty. Re food, was born from the love for their land and from the great passion for the excellent cuisine that there

Rada restaurant

VIA GROTTE DELL 'INCANTO 51, Positano (SA) - T. +39 089875874 - info@radarestaurant.it Enclosed in a treasure chest of the Amalfi coast, pearl of international tourism in the Mediterranean, Positano appears as a cascade of precious gems set in vivid colors of its houses and pottery, intoxicated like a bridal bouquet. Contact the Structure Name Email

Chez Black restaurant

VIA DEL BRIGANTINO 19, Positano (SA) - T. +39 089875036 - info@chezblack.it From the doors enriched by portholes, some "crew members" emerge to serve the "passengers" the gastronomic specialties of Chez Black: the Plate with sea urchins, with the exclusive shape of seafood, local fish soup, Paccheri di Gragnano with Positanese,

La Cambusa Restaurant Positano

P.ZZA A. VESPUCCI - GRANDE BEACH POSITANO (SA) - T. +39 089 875432 - info@lacambusapositano.com The most exclusive restaurant directly on the beach, a rich and colorful scenery, one with the splendid panorama of Positano , as a frame of a splendid breathtaking view of the sea, all to magnify the view to its guests ... The origin of

Ohimà Brasserie - Excellence in Positano

P.ZZA FLAVIO GIOIA, 2 POSITANO (SA) - T +39 089 875 222 - info@villaflaviogioia.it The splendid Brasserie Ohimà is located in the splendid Pearl of the Amalfi Coast. A well-stocked wine and craft beer list, a bar studied as much as the kitchen makes Ohimà Brasserie one of the pearls of the Positano restaurant scene,

Villa Felice restaurant

VIA SALITA TUORO 10, AMALFI (SA) - T. 089831946 - info@villafeliceamalfi.it In Amalfi ... in a place of unspoiled beauty, with unsurpassed views ... in an atmosphere of secluded tranquility is the "Villa Restaurant Happy". The evocative environments of "Villa Felice" are still full of that cultural and spiritual ferment that made it a sort of "cenacle",

Restaurant "Torna a Surriento" traditional dishes

In the magical Sorrento, or rather specifically in the small S. Lucia area, there is a trattoria that offers typical dishes of Neapolitan cuisine. It is called "Torna a Surriento", a name that is a guarantee. What better name for a simple Sorrento trattoria, with a family welcome and delicious dishes?

Roman pastry bar

VIA CORSO ITALIA n.35 / 37, Meta (NA) - T. +39.081.8786227 - info@pasticceriabarromano.it The pastry shop offers a vast assortment of sweets, from traditional to typical ones such as "the Delizia al Limone" (produced using local organic lemons), Babà, Sfogliate and Aubergines with chocolate, up to the most modern desserts such as Pan di Stelle cakes,

La Conca Restaurant

III CROSS ALIMURI, META DI SORRENTO (NA) - T. +39 0815321495 It is in the wake, in the furrow, traced over twenty years ago by one of the protagonists of gastronomy, Alfonso Iaccarino, patron of the Don Alfonso restaurant, that many men have ventured who believed and still believe in the gastronomic revolution. In this wake, in this groove

Casa Angelina Restaurant One Floor In The Sky

VIA CAPRIGLIONE 147, PRAIANO (SA) - T. +39 089 8131333 The haute cuisine restaurant Un Piano Nel Cielo owes much to the natural wealth of the Amalfi Coast. The surrounding area produces, in fact, not only most of the raw materials that arrive in our kitchen, but also offers that scenario of fabulous landscapes of which

L'Incanto Restaurant

VIA MARINA 4, POSITANO (SA) - T. 089811177 - info@lincanto.com Choose among the restaurants of Positano, on the magical Amalfi Coast, the restaurant and pizzeria L'Incanto, overlooking the sea! We offer you exquisite dishes, especially based on fresh fish, prepared with meticulous care and first choice ingredients of the gastronomic tradition of Positano, chosen day by day, with wine pairings from

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