Roman Archaeological Museum - Positano

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Il Roman Archaeological Museum it is a place to which it is impossible not to dedicate at least one visit during one's passage or stay in Positano, wonderful country of the Amalfi Coast. A unique excellence of its kind, which is certainly one of the protagonists of a very rich historical heritage belonging to these lands.

After two important excavation campaigns, the site, whose origins are known since 1758, is in its full splendor, ready to show all the wonders it contains.

Over the last decade, two very important periods of work have allowed to bring to light a portion of inestimable archaeological interest of the "Villa Romana"of Positano.

The Roman Villa of Positano was a typical maritime villa, which was accessed only from the sea, practically a residence intended only for the nobles belonging to the upper social class of Roman society.

The Villa, as well as many other historical sites, has remained preserved under the ashes that settled after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD 10 meters of ash which allowed a perfect conservation of the historical site until 2003, the year of its beginning. excavations, which have brought to light this wonder.

Today it is equipped with numerous walkways and perfect lighting, which allow perfect visibility of all the finds and frescoes inside.

A wonderful archaeological site, which allows all visitors to go back in time, to the Roman era, thus being able to relive the splendor of those times.

For all information on the Roman Archaeological Museum you can visit the official website: www.marpositano.it

Visiting hours are:
From 11 April to 31 October from 09:00 21:00 ( 9AM - 9PM )
From November 1st to April 10th from 10:00 16:00 ( 10AM - 4PM )

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