La Cambusa Restaurant Positano

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  • P.ZZA A. VESPUCCI - GRANDE BEACH POSITANO (SA) - T. +39 089 875432 - info@lacambusapositano.com

The most exclusive restaurant directly on the beach, a rich and colorful scenery, one with the splendid panorama of Positano, as a setting for a splendid breathtaking view of the sea, all to magnify the view to its guests ...
The origin of this restaurant is now an integral part of the history of Positano.

A showcase with the best fish caught along the coast, attentive service and an enchanting location make La Cambusa a place like few in the world.
It often happens to visitors who are near the restaurant in the early hours of the morning to meet the fishermen with boxes full of freshly caught fish, or to admire the lobsters of the "Li Galli" island walking into the aquarium at any time of the day. day.
And finally, the patio of the restaurant overlooking the beach of Positano is the perfect setting for this masterpiece.

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