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  • VIA MATTEO CAMERA 12, Amalfi (SA) - T. +39 089 871 029 - info@ristorantelacaravella.it

“La Caravella” in Amalfi was born in 1959 and is one of the most important and renowned restaurants in Southern Italy. She entered the elite of Italian catering as early as the sixties, when she was the first in Southern Italy to receive the Star from the Michelin guide (a quality recognition that was awarded to her again this year).
Located in the city center, you can breathe the air of the great history of the first Maritime Republic.
It is, in fact, adjacent to the Ancient Arsenals in a building from 1100, which was the home of the Piccolomini, founders of the Duchy of Amalfi. The wing of the building, must be placed "La Caravella", was used in the Renaissance as a ducal archive.
The cuisine of "La Caravella" tastes of land and sea, of east and west, which rediscovers the ancient Amalfi recipes, re-proposing them in a version revisited with rigor, which enhances the scents and flavors and genuineness of our land better and more of our sea.
The elegant environment, with attention to detail, houses a beautiful and rich collection of works by the greatest ceramic masters of the Amalfi Coast from 1800 to today, so much so that "La Caravella" is rightly considered a "Museum" restaurant.
Jealous, scrupulous and wise guardians of this sanctuary of good food are the Dipinos who for generations have handed down the secrets and whimsical inventions of grandmothers and mothers, in the wake of a tradition open to innovation.
The restaurant is 50m from the parking lots in Piazza Flavio Gioia 1 and 2 and 300m from the 'Luna Rossa' garage.

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