La Conca Restaurant

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  • III CROSS ALIMURI, META DI SORRENTO (NA) - T. +39 0815321495

It is in the wake, in the furrow, traced over twenty years ago by one of the protagonists of gastronomy, Alfonso Iaccarino, patron of the Don Alfonso restaurant, that many men who have believed and still believe in the gastronomic revolution have ventured. In this wake, in this groove that Antonio Cafiero founded the restaurant La Conca, together with his wife Rita and his children Lorena and Mario and began to take the first steps by setting the June 16, 2002) a speech that embraces the new gastronomic doctrine “in toto”.
La Conca restaurant is located immediately after the beach, on days of stormy sea and calm days it gives the distinct sensation of being the continuation of the sea, for its colors, for its furniture, but above all for its cuisine. A cuisine that favors the daily catch prepared according to the dictates of the most modern gastronomic theories which are nothing more than a re-evaluation, in a creative key, of the most classic and traditional Mediterranean cuisine. A mix, therefore, between tradition, products linked to the land of origin and innovation that finds in Antonio, the ideal patron for this type of restaurant.

In the 2004 editions of many gastronomic guides under the heading Meta, for the first time in the history of the Municipality, a reviewed restaurant will correspond.

Flattering reports on the Veronelli guide, Gambero Rosso, Osterie d'Italia Slow Food and on the Espresso guide. Reviews on De Agostini and Touring Club and on all major national and local newspapers and weeklies. Finally, a nice appreciation on Antonio Fiore's book, "The Macaronic Critic." A goal that very few manage to achieve in a handful of months of activity. Antonio often likes to repeat to his client friends that "good food is like a caress." And thanks to his commitment and his family who brought a piece of fame to Meta, the value of this caress has extended it to the whole city.

La Conca Restaurant is where you will find at the table the flavors, aromas and hospitality that are tradition of our land, as well as a selection of the best Italian wines. The menu is based on fresh products only. Behind each specialty there is a great deal of research, some of them may require a longer preparation, as all the dishes are freshly prepared. Antonio will accompany you on this journey into taste.

Open every day: 12-15; 19: 30–23: 30

How to reach us
By car
Coming from Naples / Salerno
Following the highway, take the Castellammare di Stabia exit and continue towards Sorrento on the State Road 145 / SS145.
Once in Meta, turn right into via Flavio Gioia, follow the signs for the beach,
take via Marconi and continue along via Cristoforo Colombo, go straight on along Via Angelo Cosenza.
Continue on Via A. Caruso, Via Gian Battista Liguori makes a slight curve to the right and becomes Via del Mare.
Continue on Via del Mare

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