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Positano the "stairways"

Developed mainly vertically, the city of Positano is famous above all for shopping, in fact there are really numerous boutiques and craft shops in Positano that still today, as in the 60s, make made-to-measure sandals. The climate in Positano is characterized for most of the year by a pleasant and refreshing sea breeze,

What to see and how to get to the Amalfi Coast

What to see and how to get to the Amalfi Coast by car, ferry or train. Here's how to spend your holidays between cliffs overlooking the sea and medieval historic centers. In some places it is as difficult to stay still as it is to start again: on the one hand the impulse to see still other beauties, on the other the desire to take a breath so that it is

The Path of the Gods

The visit to the Amalfi Coast cannot be considered complete if you do not plan an excursion on the Path of the Gods. The route includes a departure from Agerola and more precisely from the hamlet of Bomerano or from Praiano to reach the hamlet of Nocelle in the municipality of Positano (440 meters above sea level). Starting from the hamlet of

The Valle delle Ferriere

Throughout the world Amalfi is known for its glorious past and for its sea. However, few know or have visited a jewel of great beauty: the natural reserve "Valle delle Ferriere". Botanists are great admirers of the reserve, thanks to the presence of a rare plant in Europe, Woodwardia radicans (